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Crawl Space & Attic Cleaning

Crawl Space and Attic CleaningAlthough not visible to most people in the home, the attic and crawlspace are areas of the house that should be maintained just like the rest of the house. Because it is hidden, it is easy to forget to clean the attic or crawlspace regularly. However, if not maintained properly, the attic or crawlspace can become a home to pests, dust, and mold.

Why is it important to maintain your attic and crawl space?

Many times, rodents will use the attic as a haven during cold times because heat in your home rises to the attic. However, these can prove dangerous as rodents carry several diseases that can be contracted by humans. Birds like to nest in attics as well because of the warmth. Additionally, dust and dirt accumulation in the attic or crawlspace can compromise indoor air quality of the home. It is also important to clean your attic or crawlspace because normal wear and tear over the years can lead to holes or cracks in the attic or crawlspace. This can allow mold to become an issue when moisture gets through holes and cracks. Hot or cool air can also escape from the house through the holes or cracks in the attic and cause you to run your AC or heater for longer. By keeping your attic clean, you actually lower the cost of your utility bills. All of these examples are reasons to keep your attic and crawlspace maintained. Our company strives to provide the best crawl space and attic cleaning in Seattle, WA.

What is crawl space cleaning?

Air Duct Cleaning Seattle WA offers extensive crawlspace and attic cleaning in Seattle. Our experienced team of professionals will gather and remove any old insulation along with any debris and pest droppings present in your attic or crawlspace. Additionally , our team provides code-compliant attic insulation services in Seattle, WA. Attic insulation is a great way to save money on energy costs because it prevents air from escaping to the outside. The insulation keeps air trapped inside the house, which ultimately saves you money on the energy bill.
Then we will install new, code-compliant insulation. We sanitize and deodorize both areas with enzyme as well. Additionally, any pest entrances will be sealed in both spaces.

In your crawl space, we will remove any excess water in order to dry it out. We will also replace the old vapor-barrier in your crawl space with a new one. Air Duct Cleaning Seattle professionals will inspect the air duct seals in your crawl space and repair and/or reseal any air ducts that are worn.

How do you know when your crawl space or attic needs cleaning?

Sometimes it is possible to smell a bad odor when your attic or crawlspace is dirty. Additionally, attics and crawlspaces can be noisy if there are pests living there or if the insulation has worn thin and you can hear the pipes. It is best to let Air Duct Cleaning Seattle WA do an inspection of your attic or crawl space to determine if you need any repairs, cleaning, or insulation.

You can expect great service when you use Air Duct Cleaning Seattle WA because we only staff the most knowledgeable, personable technicians for attic and crawlspace cleaning in Seattle WA. We will ensure that your attic is in pristine and safe condition. Our company excels in giving our customers quality services that they can trust and we want to provide every customer with our exceptional support. Call us now to find out more about our services!

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